Sunday, August 28, 2011

New room

I was looking at all of your mini blogs and got inspired to work on my house:

I turned that bottom left room into the laundry/utility/junk room.
The place where work gets done and odds and ends of sports equipment gets stored.

I have a couple of these types of rooms in my house but they are not nearly as tidy as this one.

Sink by Doug and Mellisa (repainted white)
Other furniture and details from Neu's minis and Rement.


  1. I was just thinking a couple of days ago that we haven't heard from you for a while - nice to see you back in action! :) I see you have the same red step/stool as me - one of these days mine will actually get a home in the bright and modern house - ahh yes, another project in the offing - I need more than one lifetime!! ;)

  2. Hi Norma! It's so nice to hear from you!
    . Thanks

  3. Love it! I have the red trash can too! Clever idea including the sports equiptment. xoxo CM

  4. Thanks CM! I love that trash can.