Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adding some kitchen lights.

Ping pong light fixture over the table

Popsicle stick/paint caps over the (future)work table.

Also there is one under the stove hood.
These lights aren't very bright. I hope they light up the room..

Messy wiring in the back.


  1. I've got a jumble of wires at the back of my 1:16 house because I used the 3volt Lundby system, their short wire lenghts drove me to distraction! To hide them I think I'm going to build a kind of extension the same size as the back of the house - it's such a nuisance!

    Anyway, I like your imaginative and innovative lighting ideas :)

    Thanks for calling by my blog and commenting abou the little couch. I'm not sure if you were just commenting in passing or wanting to be included in the draw. If you come back over and follow my blog I'd love to include you in the giveaway! I'm certainly happy to follow yours and watch what you do on this interesting project :)

  2. I love your kitchen! the lamp with the paintcaps is a fab idea!

  3. Thanks Anneke.
    Norma I did subscribe to your wonderful blog, ! forgot to do that when I left the comment.