Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is this the saddest thing you've ever seen?

I tried to re-cover a chair and foot stool in different fabric.

It looked so bad that I tore the whole chair apart:
Take that you evil chair!

Seriously though: I like to take things
apart to learn how they're made.

These attempts were a little more successful:
(with the emphasis on little)
A little wooden bed.
I still need to paint a design on it.

A couch/bench thingy.
Or maybe it could be a massage table for the Zen/Spa room.

In any case, I have great admiration for people who create miniatures.
It is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.
Every little imperfection gets magnified at small scale!


  1. Taking things apart is definately the best way to understand a construction 'system' - ask any anatomy student! LOL Don't give up on your handmades, I really like the Zen bench design.

  2. I tear apart my furniture too! The best part is, after you figure out how they do it, you can make your own furniture via foam core or card board. Its win/win/win!

  3. Yay for tearing things apart! And putting new things together.

  4. Sorry, Mini P, I had to laugh. I have not re-upholstered yet, but I'm guessing my attempt would look the same. Definitely a learning curve there. The bench looks great! :D

  5. Esos sillones a rayas los tengo yo y no me atrevia a retapizarlos, pero ahora veo que es posible. Gracias por investigar por mi. Besos Clara