Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wall sconces and vases

My hubby made this little "marble" vase. He turned it on a lathe.
Here are two wall sconces and a matching vase made of a marblized yellow acrylic.
I just need to install them with some light bulbs in the wall. Nice huh?


  1. Very nice! Love the yellow wall sconces. And I envy you for having a hubby who make you mini things! :)

    - Grace

  2. Nice? VERY nice! I love the wall sconces and the vase your hubby made, how lucky to have a talented hubby, too!

  3. Your husband is being very creative on his lathe! Vases and bowls I have seen before (and love!), but a lampshade for a hanging light, and wall sconces, are new and brilliant! The colours in the hanging lampshade look fantastic lit up - look forward to seeing the wall sconces glowing too!