Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am so happy to have this put back together
(and lit up like a Christmas tree):
Lights are in and some decorations and furniture.

I sawed off parts of this ikea bunk bed and spray painted it red.
Created a coverlet, pillow and mattress.
I am trying to make some of my decors and funiture instead of buying them.

This light is a "silk" flower branch with LED's inserted. (don't try this with normal light bulbs as it could catch on fire). The accessories and one cushion are Re-ment, plant post and bowl are garage sale purchases.
The pagoda from the local asian food market.
Self made cushions, towels and bench.
The bench is popsicle stick legs and foam core wrapped in fabric.


  1. First picture = Awesome.
    Great job on it... its coming along spectacularly!

  2. Thanks Ann - I love your bookcase and your blog.