Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Bright enought see what you're cooking.

Two rooms done, 4 more to go.


  1. ¡Que maravilla! La cocina triplica su calidad con esta iluminaciĆ³n. Me encanta. Besos Clara.

  2. it is so great to see your process - and lighting is such an important thing for good fotographs and the right mood. I love what you've done with all the things you used. a great pleasure to watch your blog.

  3. Love the bottom pic! - I'm enjoying watching the progress!

  4. YES! That lighting is much better.

    Did you make or buy the gas cook top? I'm thinking they don't look too difficult to make but if there was one to buy I just might give in. I need to put one in the French apartment because there's definately no room for a conventional stove.

  5. Love the lighting! Great job Mini Pig!

    Norma, the kitchen is still on ebay for $33.99 It includes the fridge packed full of food and drinks. I photos and description of all the contents on my blog here:
    For the price I think it is worth it, although I have seen just the kitchen unit without the fridge and goodies on ebay for cheaper, but that was awhile ago.

  6. Thanks Clara, Oese, Glenda, Norma, and Megan for the kind words. And thanks again Megan for posting about that great little kitchen. It came with a full supply of food.