Monday, August 9, 2010

New LED lights

Lights from Evan Designs.
They are a brighter LED than I used previously.
To install I have to take the house apart. I'm glad it's modular..

Trying them out in daylight.
And after dark


  1. Lookin good. Has lighting technology changed a lot? I would love to have some but it all seems too complex. I am leery of trying so am greatful to watch someone else. Thanks C

  2. I am new at this and am making it up as I go along. Probably would be easier to buy a proper lighting system but I need to use the cool burning LED lights. It's fun to experiment.

  3. I'm curious to know if you mentioned to them about the post on my blog, it's just that I was contacted by them recently about that post and I'm wondering how they know about it (the contact was positive by the way).

  4. Hi Norma, I might have given them your blog name if there was a "where did you hear about us?" inquiry on the order form. Thanks for telling me about them. What a great find.

  5. Todo sobre las luces me biene bien, y si hay explicaciones, tutoriales etc.. mejor.
    Un abrazo